SiriKartar was born in Rome, Italy. She remembers her childhood days filled with singing, dreaming, but most of all of drawing and painting. "At the age of six I wanted to have my own art studio. In our apartment in Rome, my mother cleared out a tiny closet and in it arranged a table and a chair to support my creative urge. This was my first Studiolo, where I would spend many quiet hours filled with colors and imagination"

Showing outstanding talent at age of 14, she was awarded with a full scholarship, to attend the art institute Rome. After receiving formal training in painting, she continued her education with studies of Restoration of ancient and modern paintings.

Later she earned a Master’s Degree in Art History: India being the primary focus of her curriculum. Her thesis on the mudras in early Buddhism was awarded cum laude. Her publication is still utilized and counted among the reference texts for studies and research at the Universita la Sapienza.

Reflecting a growing fascination in spirituality and Metaphysics, SiriKartar started to practice and teach Kundalini Yoga in 1978 under the guidance of Yogi Bhajan. In 1987 she moved to Los Angeles. To know more about her practice and teaching of Yoga and Martial Art please visit


Through her career SiriKartar painted many commissioned works for patrons in the USA, Canada and Europe. She has also illustrated several publications, from acclaimed children's books and various yoga books to an introductory English text book.


Like her education and geographical arena, SiriKartar' s paintings reflect a broad palette of styles she was exposed to. Some are directly influenced by the Indian painting style of the Moghul and Rajput miniatures. Other more contemporary free compositions contain elements which could be described as "fauve".



Her paintings had been selected as album covers for several acclaimed new age artists, and book covers in France and Australia, as well as set design.