The Alzheimer’s Research & Prevention Foundation, based in Tucson, was founded 25 years ago by pioneer Dr. Dharma Singh Khalsa, and his amazing wife, Kirti Kaur Khalsa. This non profit foundation has been sharing with many afflicted by memory loss, a wealth of exercises and meditations, effective tools to enhance memory and wellness.

I had the privilege of drawing their booklet called Brain Longevity Yoga-Exercises for every-body.

Contact them to purchase your handy booklet, and read more about their work, that is continuing to help many, and give guidance for a healthier and happier life.

Madonna dei Nodi- Mary of the knots

The Virgin Mary helping marital problems, is a pretty recent worship , just a few centuries old.

Pope Francesco is very devoted to this culto della Madonna dei Nodi, reason why I recently sent him a file with this image I created.

The symbolism and the elements you may find in the image below, are part of my journey toward the Divine. I was born catholic, then I found I could express my most deep devotion as a Sikh. We are like instruments; the sounds of Gurumukhi made my soul vibrate in Chardikala, High Spirit.

Discover all the symbols and elements I included , and if you have any questions, or any feed back you would like to share with me, send me an email!

We are One- Ik Ong Kar- Siamo Uno

guru Ram Das Ashram, LA. the Ultimate bliss

Since I moved to LA, in 1988, this pristine high vibration place has been the abode of my soul.

Throughout several years, I created four trapezoidal panels, depicting the first four Gurus: Guru Nanak, Guru Angad, Guru Amar Das, and Guru Ram Das. The space of the skylight at the entrance was once bare, and one day I saw the images of my beloved Gurus residing there. With patience and deep devotion, the Creator guided and sustained me, into manifesting those visions, that will adorn this Gurdwara forever.

Wahe Guru!




Fun to draw recipes for the Alzheimer's Research and Prevention Foundation, collaborating with Dr Dharma Singh Khalsa, and my long time friend Kirti Kaur Khalsa.

The body is the Temple of the Soul, we need to take good care of this precious gift.


Help Guru Fatha Singh and myself to finish  Yogi Bhajan's Biography.

Come Fund Us at

The title " Messenger from the Guru's House" was given to this project by Yogi Bhajan in 1983.


Small prints on elegant frames, to uplift your surrounding.

looking for a publisher-yoga for toddlers

After collaborating on the inspiring tale from India, "The Five Fingered Family", there is a new project with the author Shakta Khalsa. She is the founder of Radiant Child Yoga, and a great, long-time friend. This new book is an ethnically diverse project about Yoga for toddlers and preschoolers that shows the basic poses of yoga. It aims to inspire children and parents alike, having an animal "shadow"  suggesting the asana, and Shakta's quotes to indicate the way to experience an organic, easy, sweet YOGA = UNION.

We are looking for a wise and witty publisher – enthusiastic like us – to spread the yoga to the little ones.


Recently I came across this letter BibiJi wrote me a few years back. It is in reply to my small homage to her: a print of the portrait of her husband, my Spiritual Teacher, Yogi Bhajan, the Siri Singh Sahib. I have it framed now, next to the letter he wrote me in 1994, where he says: "Accept what is yours and reach out to take the hand of destiny. Be strong and claim what is rightfully yours."

And I say, always WAHE GURU!

Cooperating is # 1 for harmony, joy, and...results!

This is a retelling of the Punjabi tale about a family who learned to work together. They unified like the fingers on a hand together, to defeated an ogre in the forest. Their neighbors who tried the same thing, were not successful because they weren't as unified.

Shakta and I had a lot of fun cooperating together, to create this book. A tale with a message that is always valid, and applicable to any age and situations.

“The Five Fingered Family" of which the Writers Review said: “The illustrations by Siri Kartar K. Khalsa are absolutely superb. Rendered in the 18th century Moghul style, the paintings are colorful and vibrant. The people are dressed in the style of the Punjab, and their faces vividly reflect the emotions of the story”. Another reviewer stated: "Readers will also enjoy the richness of color in the illustrations, reuniting one with glimpses of Kangra and other eastern art forms. This book is not only a story for teaching virtue, but is a beautiful form of art that will soothe the eyes and hearts of the young and old alike.”


share what you have - vand chhako

My friends Ravi and Jackie are one of the most dedicated couple that I know. I feel so inspired looking at what they do, serving humanity, and, how they do it. Humbly they move in life, with so much love, dedication, and devotion.

They founded Share a Meal, and they go right to the heart of where large groups of  homeless people actually live. They gather dedicated sevadars from all walks of life who meet every week to prepare and serve food to the people who need it most around the city of Los Angeles.

This painting was commissioned as a declaration and a vision of their future services to humanity.

The core Share a Meal team is joined each week by people who just show up to help out when they can.

Thank you to Share a Meal for your dedication to bring food to these souls week after week.  We are grateful and so are they.  While it’s a small drop in the bucket of what they need, you provide a beacon of hope.  Keep up and Vand Chhako, dear friends!


Share a Meal evolved from Khalsa Peace Corps, a non profit entiy, founded by Ravi and Jackie years back, starting their charity services. This painting was commissioned as a declaration and a vision of their future services to humanity.

Definition of Vaṇḍ Chhakō:

(Punjabi: ਵੰਡ ਛਕੋ) is one of the three main pillars of the teachings of Guru Nanak, the founder of the Sikhism. (The other two pillars are Naam Japo and Kirat Karo) Vand Chhako means to share what you have and to consume it together as a community. This could be wealth, food. etc. The term is also used to mean to share ones wealth with others in the community, to give to charity, to distribute in and to generally help others in the community who need help. A Sikh is expected to contribute at least 10% of their wealth/income to the needy people of the world or to a worthy cause.

Blessings to ALL



October is the month of completion of the first half of this commissioned artwork. The acrylic painting depicting Guru Nanak Dev Ji, is displayed on a majestic wooden door, measuring 40 x 88. It is now installed at the prestigious and vital Kundalini Yoga Center in La Jolla, San Diego, Kundalini Windansea.

My sweet and powerful friend Sheel, owner of the studio is here with me.

book Cover - "Zen Of Sikhing" by Dya Singh

September 2017, Guru Ram Das Ashram, Los Angeles

Amazing morning at Guru Ram Das Ashram. I am finally presenting Bhai Dya Singh with his commissioned portrait, the cover of his next book coming out March 2018: "The Zen of Sikhing."

Dya Singh is originally from Malaysia, now based in Australia. He is acknowledged as the most significant singer/musician in the world today of the Sikh mystical musical tradition.


Sat Nam Furniture Collection

Share the inspiration in your living space. Add a small altar to keep you mindful and peaceful.

Recently I have created a selected number of furniture, to be used as small altars, to support your spiritual lifestyle. You may adorn it with a mala, a special photo of inspiring people in your life, incense, candles, & spiritual books.