Cooperating is # 1 for harmony, joy, and...results!

This is a retelling of the Punjabi tale about a family who learned to work together. They unified like the fingers on a hand together, to defeated an ogre in the forest. Their neighbors who tried the same thing, were not successful because they weren't as unified.

Shakta and I had a lot of fun cooperating together, to create this book. A tale with a message that is always valid, and applicable to any age and situations.

“The Five Fingered Family" of which the Writers Review said: “The illustrations by Siri Kartar K. Khalsa are absolutely superb. Rendered in the 18th century Moghul style, the paintings are colorful and vibrant. The people are dressed in the style of the Punjab, and their faces vividly reflect the emotions of the story”. Another reviewer stated: "Readers will also enjoy the richness of color in the illustrations, reuniting one with glimpses of Kangra and other eastern art forms. This book is not only a story for teaching virtue, but is a beautiful form of art that will soothe the eyes and hearts of the young and old alike.”